Seven unexpected applications of RFID

RFID is a special multi-purpose technology. The earliest RFID tags can track keys, cattle, sheep, nuclear waste, etc. Later, the researchers improved the technology, appeared different RFID tag specification, data storage capacity and power. There have been a lot of very creative applications, used in unexpected places, bring convenience to life.


1. Smart fitting room
RFIDArena recently reported that the retailer’s fitting room has an interactive RFID station. After scanning the clothes in the fitting room, consumers have access to view the product data, find similar alternatives, and provide feedback. Dealers can improve the probability of customers picking their favorite products, and collect their suggestions and opinions from customers. Meanwhile, RFID can also provide reliable anti-theft function. Smart dressing room will soon appear.

2. Without swiping the ticket
Disney’s RFID tickets are similar to credit cards, which eliminate the need for queuing scans and swiping cards, reducing waiting time and artificial services. In addition, for safety reasons, park managers can get the whereabouts of those tourists who love to seek stimulation in time.

3. Casino anti-theft jetton
In casinos, RFID technology is not only used to stop losses. Casinos can use these RFID poker jettons to record how much you spend, where you spend it, and it can use timely meals or other services, to keep you at the game table for a longer time. If you’re squandering your jettons, it’s almost certain that the casino knows what you’re up to.

4. Anti-lost golf
Worry about golf is always lost? One of the core benefits of RFID is the ability to locate objects efficiently.

5. Goods safety
RFID tags are used in weapons and ammunition, and manufacturers have begun to produce safe firearms products of RFID configurations.

6. Without waiting for a car return
In fleet management, RDID is the perfect complement to GPS technology. Cheap passive RFID tags can be used very well in small area tracking, while more expensive GPS systems can provide long distance vehicle monitoring solutions. Car rental companies can allow customers to stay in any open space and leave, this special service has won the favor of many customers.

7. Health program
There are plenty of opportunities for RFID in the medical service field. A start-up company is committed to using RFID technology to solve a simple but important question: Let the medical practitioners wash their hands. The principle is simple: just wear an RFID wristband, and the reader will be installed at the tap. Compared to other control methods, RFID solutions are reliable, economic and not aggressive.